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Paragliding School

Introduction courses

Session initiation #1 440 euros

It is the discovery over the week of bases of the flight (practical and theoretical) with a recent and adapted equipment.

At your own pace, you will progress from the school slope to the big flight, supervised by two state certified instructors.

The initiation begins already with the acquisition of a good basic gesture on the ground, thanks to practical exercises adapted and controlled, to which are added as and to the extent of the theoretical knowledge.

The first steps

The course runs from Monday to Friday (5 half days) in the morning only because the aerological conditions are adequate for learning.

The first 2 or 3 days take place on the "school slope" where, as its name suggests, we gradually discover the basic gestures to prepare his wing, inflate, bring it over the head, then the to drive while trotting along before going to bed on the ground to stop, all without taking off. Patience ... It will come.

Over the tests, you will do some "jumps fleas" ie mini flights taking off from a few meters to a few tens of meters. Which, you will see, is already enough to discover the first real delicious sensations of the flight.

The "school slope" is the most physical part of learning, the many round trips in the field are necessary to understand and automate the sequences of different gestures that allow to inflate, take off, fly and land smoothly with maximum of security.

The big flight

Eh yes ! You can then doubt it, the day when one makes his first big flight alone under his wing is a big day with great emotion. These first big flights as they are named, also take place on the site of Super-Morzine with a difference in height of 600 m, one monitor will guide you to take off and another to landing. And to fully enjoy these unforgettable moments, you will leave the planet with a radio on the shoulder heart side, and guided throughout the flight by soft voice. Alone under your wing and in the air, but not lost !!! We envy you this first great flight, which takes place only once, ours having been consumed for a long time already. The purpose of this course is essentially to bring you to this first big flight, we can not guarantee a number of flights because we are dependent on weather conditions! So you can do during this course from 1 to X big flights.

Cycle 1 of the FFVL free flight passport, level white, yellow, orange.

Monday to Friday (5 half-days).

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Terms and rates

Initiation course 5 half days (€ 440).

A complete formula to become an initial licensed pilot FFVL (green level of FFVL free flight passport):
- 10% for groups of 6 or if you use your own equipment.
- 5 % for groups of 3 to 5 people.

  Initiation course Training course Weekend
June From 18 to 22 From 18 to 22 From 23 to 24
From 25 to 29 From 25 to 29 du 30 to 01/07
July From 02 to 06 From 02 to 06 From 07 to 08
From 09 to 13 From 09 to 13 From14 to 15
From 16 to 20 From 16 to 20 From 21 to 22
From 23 to 27 From 23 to 27 From 28 to 29
August From 30 to 03/08 From 30 to 03/08 From 04 to 05
From 06 to 10 From 06 to 10 From 11 to 12
From 13 to 17 From 13 to 17 From 18 to 19
From 20 to 24 From 20 to 24 From 25 to 26
From 27 to 31 September From 27 to 31 September From 01 to 02 September
September From 03 to 07 From 03 to 07 From 08 to 09

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