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Initiation course

THE STAGE PARAGLIDING INITIATION - make you discover the activity of paragliding - Accompany you safely until your first big flights. - Bring the necessary theoretical contributions. - Make you want to start over ...


Flying, the old man's dream come true is what the take-off on foot for the man of the twentieth century represents. A dimension foreign to its nature and which is now within its reach thanks to paragliding. Our high-tech era puts this experience within everyone's reach. So, are you ready to learn paragliding, for a passing of oneself? Paragliding, a sport at risk? No, learning paragliding is not engaging in an extreme adventure! Learning to fly in paragliding means acquiring mastery of accessible and safe techniques if you do not cross the limits. If it is a question of techniques, it is also a question of an enriching experience with oneself. Faced with the exploration of unusual physical phenomena, the students' questions are also mixed with those of the initiated pilots, because the progression in paragliding never ends ...

Th Eagles

An adventure that lasted a little over two years; Re-learn to fly to an eagle after spending those twelve years in captivity.

Hike and flight

A Different Rando flight every day. (3/4 hours of walking maximum) Possibility of night in refuge, or under the stars! Possibility of tests, mountain sails, Ultralite, skin 2 etc, harness, harness and latest innovation in light equipment- Fifth wheel sail between 2.6 and 4 Kg! ! !

Parapente Speed riding haute-savoie