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Paragliding morzine - ecole des portes du soleil paragliding and speed-riding first thing to do before anything else :

be insured ;

We invite you to renew your license or to take it, for the year 2024! Whether it is for the practice of Paragliding or speed-riding for the year. For the speed-riding courses which will take place this winter (if the snow cover is sufficient on the practice area in Morzine!) It is possible to take the discovery license online (valid for 2 days) with your smart phone and of course your credit card. (the day before or the morning of the meeting.) For paragliding, if you only want to do a one week course, there is also the possibility to insure only for the week, it's up to you to compare what suits you best ..... It's here: calendar of the summer 2023 courses is open and the registrations are open This winter will take place all the double flights usually proposed, consult us for the prestigious flights (requires specific thermal conditions for a duration of 30 mm) Concerning the candidates for the speed-riding course this winter, I ask you to send me, your Name, first name, weight, (choice of the sails) N° of mobile as well as your origin. A list of some of you is already open, it allows me to contact you to propose you free dates, and to organize mutually with the planning of each one.that to manage the grouping of the pupils in collective courses, and also for the decisions in connection with the cancellations if bad weather and so not to move you of far for nothing!

Meeting place for this winter 2023/24 in front of the inter sport store at

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