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Rescue parachutes

Start (solo) round parachute

START (SOLO) ROUND PARACHUTE Emergency entry-level parachute, easy to fold and very stable. Sizes: M / L

 CHARACTERISTICS: Safety - Drop rate less than 5.5 m / s max load (measurements and tests carried out by an independent laboratory). Equipment / comfort - Automatic sewing of the main strap. - Apex pull-down type with 2 fabric colors for easy folding. - Lifting strap made of Polyester (resistance 2,500 DaN), length 28 cm Materials - Cloth Dominico Tex D30, PA 6.6 high tenacity, 33 dctex 40 g / m² - Suspentes Liros 10150-0450 Certification - EN 12491 - LTF 9109

Size M Size LPoids 1750 g 2150 gSurface 31.16 m²38.94 m²Number of panels 1618PTV mini (Weight Total Fly without paragliding) 70 kg - PTV max (Total Weight Without paraglider) 100 kg125 kgFolded Width (L) 24 cm26 cmFolded depth ) 25 cm26 cm Height folded (H) 11 cm 11 cmVolume folded 6.6 L 7.5 L Composition: This parachute comes with the following accessories: - Folding instructions (CD)

430,00 euros

Square reserve parachute new generation square parachute with maximum security.

Square reserve parachute… Compared to conventional models, the FLUID square parachute offers exceptional performance, in particular in terms of : – very fast opening time (less than 3 seconds) – low sink rate – excellent pendular stability – short line set This means that safety is greatly improved in the event of deployment, in particular with no risk of throwing the reserve into the glider. Moreover, repacking the Fluid is simple and fast and unlike other square parachutes it does not require a specific POD.

550,00 euros

Round reserve sup air shine

ROUND RESERVE The Shine is a round Pull-Down Apex parachute, which was produced by our own design team. Its goal is to offer low packing volume and weight whilst retaining maximum safety. Thanks to a sophisticated design and quality materials, it will answer the needs of all paragliding pilots.

485,00 euros

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