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Pack sellette ultralight montis + sac airbag inverto nova only 5 flight size l and m

MONTIS - ultra light, super comfortableWith a weight of approx. 300 grams our MONTIS mountain harness is both light as a feather and very comfortable. Clever details such as adjustable splices help to save weight. Lightweight and comfortable. Between light and comfortable we have chosen: both! The MONTIS weighs only 300 grams and offers a level of comfort never before seen for this type of material. Try it, sit down, you'll be fine! Technically sophisticated. the MONTIS is a harness designed by mountaineers for mountaineers full of innovative solutions. One of them is the adjustable splices with an adjustable without metal buckle.Flying fun. More than a harness made for just descending mountains, the MONTIS, designed with a sophisticated geometry ensures a balanced distribution of the pilot's weight and minimizes pressure points. This geometry offers efficiency and comfort in thermal flight.sizes: M and LPoids: 320 gTechnical data. M Pilot size cm <180 >180Pilot weight kg 0.32 0.34Certification (EN) PH 131.2015Max. load 100 kg lt. ENColour NOVA Rednova-inverto-image+Bag -Reversible InvertoAirbagThe INVERTO Bag/Airbag can be combined with the MONTIS, our mountaineering harness, to make a backpack and airbag, making it perfect for hiking and flying. It is designed for any pilot who wants a good amount of packing volume and comfort with a high degree of passive safety.more safety. Many hiking and fly harnesses are equipped with a protection that only protects the rear part. The INVERTO offers all-round protection - the airbag starts under the thighs and extends to the neck area close by.more space. With a capacity of 60 litres, the INVERTO Bag/Airbag has a large volume for a carefully folded paraglider. Anything that needs to be accessed quickly can be stored in the top pocket. On the sides of the pockets for a bottle of drinks and a camera.more comfort. The back and carrying straps are made from open cell foam and covered with mesh. Combined with a well thought-out rucksack design, this means a high degree of comfort when running - even at high temperatures.For whom The MONTIS in combination with the INVERTO rucksack is aimed at paralpinist who are looking for a minimalist harness that is both super light and is a comfortable to carry, spacious, reversible rucksack harness with an air bag that protects the pilot's spine.

495,00 euros

Woody valley exense air

EXENSE AIR is a harness designed specifically for novice pilots, and so we created a simple, cleanly-designed and safe product, which also provides comfort, with excellent detailing and finish. It is easy and quick to adjust, and so it is ideal for use on training slope by flying instructors. The Airbag is made under licence from Cygnus. It was incorporated into this harness to meet the demands of pilots who prefer efficient airbag protection, avoiding the necessity of bulky foam protection, and extending protection right up to the upper part of the back. The reserve parachute is located beneath the seat.


Weight* 3,5 kg Certification LTF with T-LOCK system Protection Airbag Principal materials Cordura® 500, Nylon 210, Camp-Para karabiners, Finsterwalder buckles Sizes M L XL Hook-in height 38 cm 40 cm 42,5 cm Seat plate width 32 cm 35 cm 37 cm Seat plate depth 35 cm 37,5 cm 40,5 cm  *total weight (size L), including rescue handle and karabiners.

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