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Niviuk Koyot 3 – EN-A Progression

Niviuk koyot 3 – en-a progression


Niviuk call their new Koyot 3 a ‘progression’ wing. It’s certified EN A, easy to handle and intuitive to fly, but with XC performance potential, they say. Explore the skies at your own pace. It is the ideal partner for taking the first steps and enjoy cross country flights among many adventures you may already have in mind. Niviuk describe the Koyot as compact. It has a flat aspect ratio of 4.95. Nitinol rods support the leading edge, and RAM air intakes maintain a good internal pressure. Niviuk say the 20% reduction in lines over the Koyot 2 makes this new version lighter, have reduced drag (so better performance) and of course it’s easier to sort the lines on launch. The Koyot 3 is available in five sizes (22-31m² for 45-135kg) and four colours.


Instinctive control An easy to control sail with a gentle and tolerant temperament that allows intuitive and instinctive control. Be in control of your progress The Koyot 3 is a synthesis of technological innovations, offering excellent performance and an important, playful and safe progression, adapted to each one. Fly, simply A wise behavior from take-off to landing. A compromise between safety and comfort: the key to exploring new paths confidently.

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