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Biplace UP K3

Two-seater up k2 ptv (kg)

 two-seater UP K2 PTV (KG) 140-230

Color: orange red Size M / L 41 m2 about 150 flights, Probably one of the best two-seater in the market, very handy, it deserves to be more known! Come try it or mail it in 2 days it is home and you can try it! Read what they say about him! Very few flights for the price. Delivered with bag spacers (new), spare rings, kit etc ... Trims System No Mylar, Nylon Band (ASS) in the leading edge Good longevity Fabric colors more resistant to dirt Curved wing tips Easy inflation Sporty look

1 900,00 euros

Ozone jomo xs 14 flights

Sailing demo 14 flights it is like new! Approved EN A and based on the Mojo 5, the Jomo brings a significant reduction in weight and bulk. These advantages make the Jomo more interesting on the ground where it is lighter, compact and easy to carry than its heavier cousin. Take off with a Jomo in the mountains is less stressful, easier and safer thanks to its lightness characteristics. The preparation of the sail is easy; Simple and easily identifiable elevators. The wing swells gently and steadily, without dragging back or overtaking its pilot - even under zero wind conditions. By strong luck, it swells gradually and does not show a tendency to "shoot" and pull the pilot off the ground. In flight, the lightness of the wing reduces its interference, making it more stable in pitch and lighter to control. Thanks to its profile and a number of optimized cells, the Jomo is very clean aerodynamically. Reduced drag, optimization of the suspension plane, reduction of the total length of the line and the elaborate design of the air inlets contribute to propel the Jomo to the top of this class of sails without compromising safety in flight.

2 350,00 euros

Niviuk koyot 3 24

Koyot 24 PTV: 60/80 Kg Total des vols 36 ,durée max des vols 15 MN Couleur : Butterfly (violet-bleu-blanc). Toujours utilisé sur terrain en herbe en haute -Savoie livré avec tee shirt Niviuk , kit réparation , sous sac sangle de compression , accélérateurenvois possible par la poste prix :25 €

1 900,00 euros

Parapente ozone ultralight 4 21

ULTRALITE 4 ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, STILL COMPLETELY, THE WORLD’S LIGHTEST CERTIFIED DUAL-SURFACE PARAGLIDER!* New profile, planform, rigging Increased glide performance, higher top speed Easier inflation and launch Lighter, lower pack volume The ultimate choice for hike & fly pilots

Taiile 21 Ptv : 55/95 Kg nombre de vol : 30

1 950,00 euros

Parapente Speed riding haute-savoie